PRADOTEC is a leading product design and development specialist with key expertise in the Design & Development of Multi-Application devices specializing in the field of Security, Identification, Payment and Authentication.

Incorporated with a distinct mission to innovate and develop leading-edge technologies, PRADOTEC prides itself as a one-stop technology centre providing our clients with full suite of product development offerings.

PRADOTEC designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of multi-application devices that focuses on smart card and biometric technology to enable our clients to deploy these devices in various industries.

PRADOTEC assumes an international presence with its global network of sales and development offices. We have R&D and manufacturing firms in Malaysia, an International Sales Offices based in Hong Kong and Australia.

With the combination of ground-breaking R&D facilities and advanced manufacturing technologies, PRADOTEC is able to provide organisations with scalable and solid solutions to cater to their unique needs.