PRADOTEC Enabled The Automation of Border Control Process In Maiquetia – Reducing Processing time from 3 Minutes to 30 Seconds!

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PRADOTEC Enabled The Automation of Border Control Process In Maiquetia – Reducing Processing time from 3 Minutes to 30 Seconds!



Caracas, Venezuela – 1st of July –
The Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Alien Affairs of Venezuela (SAIME), who issues passports, identity cards, and other legal nationality documents for Venezuelan citizens and residences has integrated their immigration control system in Maiquetía, Vargas state of Venezuela with boarding pass and fingerprint scanner, DPS 550 produced by PRADOTEC, a leading specialist in security, identification and authentication devices.


The new Automated System for Migratory Movement was activated in the Simon Bolivar International Airport on Tuesday, with the presence of Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, Minister of Water and Air Transport, Luis Graterol, and the director of Saime, Juan Carlos Dugarte. The system facilitates the entry and exit from the country by reducing time in registration and identification at the immigration counter from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.


The system was tested and activated by Miguel Rodriguez Torres, who highlighted that the innovative mechanism will provide greater security to passengers, in addition to ease traffic at the airport and guarantee the identity of the citizens entering and leaving the country by the State.


The process of working was explained in detail. First, the scanner will read the electronic passport (information encrypted in the ePassports) and authenticate the data. Then, facial recognition is done to passengers and data are being compared with their fingerprint. Last, passengers are given option to print the immigration seal which shall be attached to the passport.


Rodríguez Torres pointed that this is an innovative system “there are very few countries that
offer greater security and higher efficiency for passengers to enter and leave the country.”

The system was already installed for 30 counters in Maiquietia Airport, and soon will be
activated in the international airport at Porlamar of Nueva Esparta state, and Maracaibo of Zulia

The automated system will also allow better control and organization of the passengers, since
it has a mechanism “Traffic Light” which changes color from red to green to notify the
appropriate turns for passengers.

“This can avoid immigration officer shouting for the next passenger, as they will be guided for
turns when the light turns green. The line will keep moving when the light changes from red to
green and the process shall be completed, “said Rodríguez Torres.

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Dugarte explained that the system also has the option of viewing flight
ticket and obtaining all the detailed flight information, such as airline, flight number, seat
number and flight itinerary.

“This system enables passengers to stop filling forms when entering the country to save time
for passenger and the State,” he said.

Miguel Rodriguez Torres reported that passengers coming from countries in the Southern
Common Market (MERCOSUR) have designated counters to speed up procedure.

“This aims to comply with international conventions and the travelers from these countries can
have faster access,” he said.


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