One of PRADOTEC’s many key expertise is in the development of devices for security, identification micro payment and authentication solutions. We are able to adeptly integrate various features into a single terminal, including applications for smart card reader, barcode reader, biometric fingerprint reader, and many others for a seamless integration to our clients’ solutions.

In addition to the multi-feature attribute of PRADOTEC’s hardware, its versatility is reflected in its ability to be deployed in many different industries for various usages. This advantage, together with the portability of PRADOTEC’s terminal, has made it ideal to be deployed in the fields of person registration or enrollment, ticketing inspection, as well as identity verification. Because security, identification, authentication, and electronic payment solutions are an essential part of many organisations, PRADOTEC’s terminals can be used in any industry that requires such applications.

PRADOTEC’s hardware are high-performance devices that are compact and lightweight. They enable the implementation of feature applications in a mobile environment.