Smartmatic Promotes PRADOTEC’s Handheld for Biometric Voter Authentication in Pakistan

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Smartmatic Promotes PRADOTEC’s Handheld for Biometric Voter Authentication in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan – During a forum held by Smartmatic along with Roseace and British High Commission on electronic voting and authentication for elections in Pakistan, PRADOTEC’s Handheld, the HRT was promoted for use in biometric voter authentication.

This important event was attended by members of the Pakistani Parliament, representatives from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), political parties, international granting agencies, non-government organizations, and local media seeking to help introduce the technology in Pakistan.


Cesar Flores, president of Smartmatic Asia Pacific demonstrated the use of Smartmatic’s automated elections system voting machine as well as the PRADOTEC’S handheld biometric voter authentication device at polling stations. He also offered a presentation titled “Transparent, Fast and 100% Auditable Elections” discussing the benefits of ‘Biometric Voter Authentication and Electronic Voting’ system.


The role of biometrics in elections is continuously increasing as countries realize its potential to enhance transparency and efficiency in elections. Technology provided by Smartmatic marked the first time that a nationwide election became automated at every step, from authentication to the broadcast of official results. Each year more countries are using this technology.

The seminar was a great success and PRADOTEC’s HRT

Handheld was well appreciated by all attendees present at the occasion.

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Armed with over more than 10 years of experience, PRADOTEC has successfully designed & developed many innovative devices for established System Integrators as well as Government Agencies worldwide.

The company has also received MSC Malaysia Status (Multimedia Super Corridor) from the government of Malaysia in recognition of PRADOTEC’s involvement in the ICT Industry. In addition, PRADOTEC is also a proud recipient of MSC Malaysia Grant Scheme (MGS), a financial incentives provided by the government for PRADOTEC’s research and development of the company’s next generation product.


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