Software Development


The proliferation of high technology products in the market has prompted PRADOTEC to respond to the heightened demand for embedded systems design. With this in mind, PRADOTEC continuously creates state-of-the-art software designs specifically required by clients for hardware utilization.

PRADOTEC’s Software Development Team provides an array of support services ranging from development of mobile applications, Real-time Operating Systems, microcontroller firmware and software drivers for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the embedded application market.

Our software development capabilities Includes:

System development and integration which encompass:
User interfaces development, communication with backend servers or various interfacing devices and applications.
System integration with existing and new systems using the solutions that we have.
Wired communication which includes LAN, serial cables and USB.
Wireless communication which covers GSM/GPRS, Wifi and Bluetooth.
SQL database operations and replication
PC/SC 1.0 and 2.0 driver development for smart card and contactless readers for different OSes that includes MS Vista, Win XP, Win2000, WinMobile and WinCE.
Embedded solutions which encompass:
8/16/32 bit microcontrollers/processors including Intel PXA270, ARM9, ARM7, TI MSP430, 80C51, Microchip controller.
OS/RTOS experience including Linux, WinCE, Win Mobile, XP Embedded as well as non-OS based custom solutions.
Biometric fingerprint verification and enrolment using WSQ, ISO19794-2 and FIPS-201.
Development of ISO14443 and ISO7816 compliance firmware covering Part 1 till Part 4.
Driver development including I2C, UART, SPI, Ethernet, PS2, USB, CAN.
OS/RTOS experience including Linux, WinCE, Win Mobile, Win 200, Win XP, Win Vista as well as non-OS based custom solutions.