We stands for Authentication Technology

Making access, transaction, global community, and digital data more secure that enables trusted connection of today.
The increased number of transaction in peer-to-peer exchanges, globalize society, travel and border crossing changes consumer behavior in technology, and how it impacts our identity and prvate life. The urgency of securing people’s asset became our purpose of business to facilitating the demands of the government and private sector aiming to capture accurate data, authentication, payment transaction, and verification that safeguard today’s Smart Technology, Internet of Things and more.

Solution development. Hardware design. Manufacturing.

This is a one-stop solution provider that delivers service expertise that contribute with unique experience as an added value to our clients. We promise to innovate and deliver capabilities for the future.

Embed secure software in devices and object to authenticate people and things.

Develop secure software that enable cross over integration and top it with our expertise in trusted identification roadmap making our trusted technology relevant.

Design and innovate our hardware with the aim to last through course of usage and environment.

Service Expertise
Industrial Design
PRADOTEC provide Industrial design services to give clients a competitive advantage that will effectively enhance their business operations. PRADOTEC’s Industrial designers have years of experience, skill and knowledge in the creation of specific products for authentication, security and electronic payment functions.
Our team of mechanical engineers is expert in the use of the latest CAD software. We develop products according to industry standards of quality which includes IP64 rating for water and dust resistant design.
PRADOTEC offer design services for analogue and digital circuits that are customizable to a wide range of applications.
Software Development
PRADOTEC software development teams provide a range of support services ranging from the development of mobile applications in real time, operating systems, microcontroller firmware and software drivers for Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) in the embedded application market.
Electronic Manufacturing Service
Our electronics manufacturing services, include PCBA assembly, design and fabrication services and also repair services. We provide a unique solution for the custom manufacture of SMT (surface technology mounting), assembly and quality assurance.
Lead the World in Trusted Identification Technology
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