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The increased number of transaction in peer-to-peer exchanges, globalize society, travel and border crossing changes consumer behavior in technology, and how it impacts our identity and private life. The urgency of securing people’s asset became our purpose of business to facilitating the demands of the government and private sector aiming to capture accurate data, authentication, payment transaction, and verification that safeguard today’s Smart Technology, Internet of Things and more.



HPT600 with Passport copy.png

hpt600 - handheld passport terminal

PRADOTEC’s handheld passport reader is a winner of Intel Smart Impact Challenge ‘Innovation Excellence’ Award 2012. A high performance mobile e-passport reader for fast and accurate identity matching. Best suit for border control - quick read with secured connectivity for verification.


BCR Series - biometric card reader

PRADOTEC’s biometric card reader comes in bluetooth and desktop feature for both contact and contactless card reading feature.

NEW BCR230BT enable quick mobile verification, compatible in any mobile operating system - iOS and Android.

MyKad readers and softwares (SDK) supports the new MyKad EBA (Malaysian National ID), Enhanced Biometric Access.


HRT700 - Handheld reader Terminal

Suitable for instant registration, identification verification and authentication for access.

PRADOTEC HRT series comes with three major feature up to printing feature which best suit instant issuance of receipt.