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Securing the community’s identity in the digital exchange realm.

We are the leader in trusted authentication technology provider driven by experience as world pioneers in electronic identification and passport technology.



Features Overview

PRADOTEC carries full specification MyKad reader to read all type of Malaysian Identification Application (MyKad, MyKid Card, etc). Our device incorporates with latest security and international standards, and solutions that are deployable to a variety of industry segments.


Biometric card reader

PRAODTEC’s biometric card reader offers high quality images based on Morpho's proprietary optical technology and biometric algorithms. Whether it is used for off-the-shelf or custom-made applications, the BCR series offers the flexibility to integrate into any solution for the fast and secure processing of high quality fingerprint images.

BCR series reads all MyKad security feature and application, developed with EBA compliance and approved by JPN Malaysia.

Suitable for:

  • Access control management

  • Time & attendance management system

  • Registration and authentication process

  • Automation (home, office and industry)

  • MyKad reader to read and verify MyKad holder

handheld Reader Terminal

PRADOTEC renowned handheld reader terminal offers reader capability for smart card and electronic passport. Capture high quality fingerprint images for verification and authentication activity and connectivity feature for real-time update. All devices comes with intelligent operating system and software development kit for the flexibility to integrate any application.

Suitable for:

  • Border control system

  • Access control management

  • Registration and resource management

  • Transportation

Smart Reader Devices

PRADOTEC the innovator in biometric hardware development, we constantly involved ourselves in designing and developing solution that fits the rapid changing world. We make security and data confidentiality our primary goal. We delivers the trust to businesses by providing hardware that performs authentication and smart transaction services.

Suitable for:

  • Registration and resources management

  • Border control system

  • Digital process & government

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Human Capital Event 2018

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Datasonic announces upgrade on MyKad for Enhanced Biometric Authentication security feature for better fraud control - March 2018

Datasonic announces upgrade on MyKad for Enhanced Biometric Authentication security feature for better fraud control - March 2018

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